Why Go Greek?

Fraternity life, in addition to being one of NYU's great college traditions, provides a tremendous opportunity to enhance your college experience. Whether you are looking for opportunities in leadership development, scholarship, community service & philanthropy, friendship & social connections , campus involvement outside of the classroom, or the network and support that a fraternity can provide, the NYU Greek community offers it all. Being a member of a fraternity is all about forging deep bonds of brotherhood and amplifying your own individual development by collectively striving to achieve the high ideals and values that your chapter seeks to represent.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a time period where different chapters on campus host events designed to meet potential new members. Potential members (rushes) are not obligated to anything if they elect to attend any events. Recruitment is meant for rushes to familiarize themselves with the different chapters at NYU and decide which chapter(s), if any, they would be interested in joining.

How the Bid Process Works

A bid is an official invitation to join a fraternity. Each chapter has its own method when deciding which rushes will get bids. At the end of the Recruitment period, chapters will contact rushes they would like to invite to join their organization. Some rushes may receive a bid from multiple chapters. It is the rush's responsibility to weigh their options at this point in the Recruitment process and make a decision based off what they have learned about the chapters from the Recruitment period. 

Meet the Greeks, Clubfest, and Formal Recruitment

Your first chance to meet our organizations comes at "Meet the Greeks" and "Clubfest". At these events our fraternities have booths where you can meet some of the brothers from every chapter. These events are a great chance to get a quick look at our chapters and express interest in going Greek.

At the IFC Formal recruitment events (which take place on September 14th and September 17th) , you'll have the opportunity to listen to presentations by each chapter and meet many more of their active members. Here you'll have the opportunity to see all that IFC fraternities have to offer, especially if you're not quite sure what type of chapter is the best fit for you. 

Rules and Requirements

First and foremost, it is mandatory that all rushes for the coming semester register with the Inter-Fraternity council through our website. You can find the link below and it will not take you long to fill out. By registering, you will also be able to receive all of the important recruitment information from IFC via email.

Rush Registration

The second and final requirement is that all rushes must attend either Formal Recruitment on September 14th or a similar event on September 17th. The point of this rule is to make sure that every rush has a chance to meet every chapter, maximizing the chance they end up joining a fraternity that is the best fit for them. You will find details for these recruitment events on the home page.

In an effort to make sure that every rush has ample time to meet every chapter here on campus, we have extended recruitment to last two weeks. Over the course of the two weeks, each chapter will have three events. There will never be more than three events per evening, so ample time can be spent at each event to provide the opportunity to really get to know the different chapters.

Rush Schedule

This fall, Fraternity Recruitment will take place between September 10th and September 20th. During this time period, fraternities host open recruitment events for all prospective new members. These events are free and non-binding, so you have nothing to lose by checking out these events. By the beginning of September 2016, we will have a detailed schedule for the entire rush process posted below. Be sure to check out as many different chapters as you can. 

If you have any questions, contact our President, Alex Iorio (awi206@nyu.edu) or our Vice President of Recruitment, Eric Huang (eric.huang21@nyu.edu).